Thursday, 28 January 2016


Welcome. It is always my pleasure to bring to the attention of my readers what it is that will make 2016 a glorious year for me. 2016 is my year to appreciate other talented and creative people around me or that I am to come be across this year.  

To kick off, I will be featuring Oghenero Odioko - founder and CEO of NerolineZeal and her scarf adventures. 

As a true Nigerian babe I must confess that I am addicted to the tying of scarves (.... once upon a time though!  I remember those times fondly). Just as I love to tie a good scarf,  the average Nigerian girl, lady or woman is not left out. We love our scarves.  The Yoruba people call it 'Gele' and the Igbo's  call it 'Ichafukwu'. 

Scarves as we know come in different colours and texture. It has been known globally to draw attention to the wearer. To me, the tying of a scarf is an extention of my identity.  Show me a woman with a scarf and i will tell you which tribe she is from. The neccessity attached to this head accessory is uncanny.  Moreover,  the modern Nigerian lady has taken the tying of scarves to new and astonishing  dimension. The manoeuvring of the fabric to bring out esoteric designs that makes the wearer look chic and classy at the same time, wowing onlookers is a thing of wonder. 

Therefore, I present to you Oghenero Odioko, founder and CEO of NerolineZeal. She is equipped with the neccessary skill and creativity to distinguish herself from the throng of wannabe's of the Nigeria fashion industry.  

Not only has she being unto the art of tying scarves for three years, this year, she has decided to go public. This she believes would create an avenue for the public and global sphere enjoy her craft. 

She is presently running workshops on the art of tying scarves fondly called 'gele'. She also renders home services for weddings and other occassion as needs arise. 

Celebrate with me a lady of grace, talent and skill. 
NerolineZeal is here to shine and stay. 

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