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 As I read this book and hey its quite a big one and I'm presently on page 367, I must confess that one can get blown by what the mind is capable of thinking and conjuring. Until I'm through with the novel, then I would know if my thought about 'Dreams' as a thematic preoccupation of Hulme is right.


Welcome to my world of self expression where everything and nothing matters. A place where my thoughts and inspiration comes to live and I get to write a few beautiful words about what my dreams tells me after reading a book. Here is my first for you be inspired..... have a great peruse. :)


Hope lies in the little things around us. It doesn't really matter with whom or what you find it in; just locate HOPE!

After reading "When Rain Clouds Gather" by  Bessie Heads ( a South African writer), one begins to see life in different shades not just black and white with its specks of gray here and there but you are able to allow in other colours.

We live in a beautiful world but the pain, sorrow, guilt, oppression and disappointment tends to water down our hope in humanity. No! It shouldn't but rather it should strengthen us. Our Hope is in the little things we overlook, those things we ignore about us. Yes! that smile, that little butterfly flapping right in front of you and it could be that simpleton mosquito...Its all around us HOPE!


Yesterday, 26th of May, 2011, I was privilegde to attend a book reading. For the most part, I missed the readings but was able to hear the audience comments on each of these new books available. The boardroom of the Arts department where the book readings was held was filled to the brim and I was one of the spill overs :). It all went alright and I picked the books available on display. 

Okay, so I'm yet to read these books but Roses and Bullet is written by Akachi Adimora Ezeigbo and she recaptures the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-1970. Over time she had written snippets of the civil war in various novels such as in Children of the Eagle, Echoes in the Mind and others. I've read her other works and when I do read this I'll be back to give a review on for the others same goes too. 

Jude Didia's BlackBird is also new on the bookshelves and I plan to read this too immediately I'm done reading Roses and Bullets. At the book reading he confessed to be a writer that can be describe as a realist...well I hope I get to see his level of realism in this text.
Finally, "Pride of the Spider Clan" by Odili Ujubuonu is a novel I've been told is a must read especially by the English language undergraduates at the University of Lagos. These three novels is published by  JALAA; a coming together of ten Nigerian authors to form a publishing firm. Thumps up to them as I aspire to get a story book out for kids pretty soon!  

signing out .....Adepeju!
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