Friday, 29 July 2011


Are you all dressed up tight in jeans all belted up with that lovely top you specially bought for that visit or to wow your friends and foes alike? Only for you to step out of the house, get to your bus stop and drop your purse or something that requires you having to bend a little to pick it up and voila your belt gives up on you and you have a divided Jordan to contend with?!

Well it did happen to a lovely friend of mine

and you know what, she or whomever such happens to can only go back and pick up another belt even when you are late for an appointment.

What then happens to the damaged belt? Should she or you give up on it and throw away? Well my beautiful friend Amara did just that. Coming over to my house and asking that I give it to the trash. Just as I was about to an idea struck me that since the buckle was all gold plated and still looking all very new, I could re-construct it into a bracelet and boy! did it come out looking great?! Well see for ya self...;)

The HelpReconstructing a damaged belts into a bracelet is about the easiest thing to do. Mine is a little chipped while punching but  I know you can do it  even better.

So let's go for a ride :


Damaged Belt
Tape Measure
Eyelet Punch
Your Wrist ;)

Instruction on making this

OH! that scratch :(
Measure your wrist and cut out the length of it from the belt. Then you take an eyelet punch and punch in a hole where it would fit into.
Well, that all there is to it. Quite easy to make and you don't have to throw away that belt.

 Do have a swell time reconstructing your belts into something cool.
See you all some time soon.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Greetings my beloved blogger and fans out there. It is with a heavy heart that I apologize for my lack of attention and disenchantment to the blogging world. Why? My schedules have been crazy and it has had me hopping from one corner of my zone to the other. This equally has denied me the pleasure of attending to those who had helped make comments on my HAIR CLIPS post. I do promise to make it all up to you folks. Do I sound serious? Oh yes, I have to, because its a matter of seriousness.

Nevertheless, here is this weeks creating success around the world guest. But before that you could also make the tour around the world with me by clicking in the links below and don't forget to link up your blog too 'cos we cannot wait to see what you are up too :)

Ausralasia - Jill@Creating my way to success 
Europe -  Yaga@ The Shiny Bubble

The Americas -Suzy's@ Suzy's Arsty Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle@ Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

Now lets meet OBYA COUTURE by Nana Yaa and she is from Ghana.  I know you would agree with me when I say her work is Fabulous.

In the words of Ohemma from she describes OBYA,
"as a clothing line that has been dubbed as one to watch. OBYA is a beautiful, classy and chic clothing and accessory line for fierce ladies. It’s a combination of African and western style in a twist collection. OBYA gives the impression that African prints and styles can be classy, chic and fun, the brand seeks to bring out the hidden beautiful, classy chic in every lady. OBYA is made up of beautiful accessories and the faith line made up of beautiful well tailored couture. OBYA Couture was established and trademarked in 2010. Inspired by all aspects of fashion and major designers from the early nineties until this present day. OBYA aims to be unique and offers higher end garments at reasonable prices. The collection shown are all made by OBYA at their fashion studio in Ghana so when you buy from OBYA be rest assured you will receive the up most quality. This collection defines bold prints, lots of colour, and most of all one off designs you will not find anyone wearing."

When did you start designing?
I have always had a beautiful passion for fashion,but i actually just had time to take it up last summer

What inspires your creations?
My inspiration comes from the modern fab afrocentric girl and woman between 18-35,who has taste for fashion filled with class,glitz and glamour. My inspiration comes from women who are uniquely different, you could just  tell even the simple things in life she owes are uniquely different

Who do you think the best dressed Ghanaian celebrity is?
emmmmmmm this is quite hard....cause Ghanaian celebrities are quite don't see them most of the time to keep up.but id say John Jermain is on point...

Where can someone go if they want to get something of yours?
Currently since am in my final semester in uni....i work through orders from my page obyacouture or from home.but my line will be out at belissimas in the accra mall soon.

What next? where do you go from here?
Actually i started with ankara inspired tee tops for my first collection,now I've expanded my line with a new set of glam clutches called ahocf3 dua, coming out soon.its a line filled with fabulousity,am also working on launching my line officially soon.

Find OBYA COUTURE:!/pages/Obya-Couture/127315030663054

I sincerely thank Helen from  and
Ohemma from for this great interview which I am equally bringing to you.
Now lets see what the other guys are up to and don't forget to link up :)

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Creating You Me Blog Hop

Welcome to our second edition in our effort to connect you with the world around

Here's how you can take this worldwide tour with us:
You can follow all the hosts to support them and keep up to date with the fabulous posts they will share every week.  Then if you are inspired to join, just link up your own blog to make some new international friends.
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Here are your hosts:
Make sure you visit them all to see the inspiration and creative people every continent has to add to our community.
Ausralasia - Jill@Creating my way to success 
Europe -  Yaga@ The Shiny Bubble

The Americas -Suzy's@ Suzy's Arsty Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle@ Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

Meet my guest for today

Durodola Oluwakemi Tinuola

What do you do:

I am what you call a milliner but here we call it Hats making and I run Gosh Hats. I had just recently developed a knack for this and its been quite an adventure. I have a degree in English and I work. This makes it a bit difficult to give this new found love all my attention. But I do it on the side line and its been really fun and great. My mom is also into the millinery business, so you can say that I waltz into it .

Do yo sell your creations, If so, how, and is it profitable?

I sell my creations pretty well and its quite profitable . but you have to be very careful€. you have to strategise by knowing where you want to sell and whom your clients are. Often times, I sell to my friends, colleagues and church members.

What mistakes have you made and lesson learned?

I did not start Hat making early enough and so I felt that I had denied myself some inner expressions when I now make and people around me compliment me for them.  I have learned that it is a good time to be self empowered, skilled and talented. Having the ability to put to good use these skills though is very important. Consistency and timely is another key word I have learned and developed.

What to you is success? Have you reached it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Success is an everyday venture, you have to keep on striving to be on top. God also crowns our efforts individually. Success is putting a smile on someone face, making them get value for their money no matter how little they pay. Success to me is also boom, you exploding on a neutral level where everyone is happy.
I would confess and say I'm on my way to success but I know that we all succeed everyday one way or another. I haven't gotten my big break yet, but i know I would get their soon god helping me.

What next?

 Next for me is to keep doing what I know how to do best. I hope to be there in the next decade, be a role model, inspire and be inspired. I foresee myself organizing seminars and shows where creativity is cherished.

Thank you so much Adepeju for this avenue of self expression.

You can now share with us and the whole wide world on our blog hop just down below.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Traditional Yoruba Wedding

Omo Yoruba Ni mi O
Hi everyone and I hope you all are having a great weekend. not with all the party today has to offer especially weddings.

My true friend Sola Oluwole got married recently. I mean like 7 days ago, July 2, 2011 and it wasn't only a beautiful one it was also very colourful. The weather was just perfect. Glory be to God. I will be sharing some of the juicy pictures with you and this way you can have a feel of how brides are transformed on wedding day. Its a very serious decision to make and I'm so happy Sola and Tunde decided to tie the knot.

Colour Code for the traditional wedding was sky blue and navy blue. It came out really nice... don't you think so. And of course the ceremony was fantastic. Here are more clips

At the Church: Purple came in looking spectacular!


I made these for the Best Lady:

Father of the Bride looking good and been escorted by Praise singers. We have them at every Yoruba party and when they start with your name and priases who just have to wave some cash in the air....

So what was I doing all through this, See for yourselves;


 Hope you enjoyed the party.....!!!

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