Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Traditional Yoruba Wedding

Omo Yoruba Ni mi O
Hi everyone and I hope you all are having a great weekend. not with all the party today has to offer especially weddings.

My true friend Sola Oluwole got married recently. I mean like 7 days ago, July 2, 2011 and it wasn't only a beautiful one it was also very colourful. The weather was just perfect. Glory be to God. I will be sharing some of the juicy pictures with you and this way you can have a feel of how brides are transformed on wedding day. Its a very serious decision to make and I'm so happy Sola and Tunde decided to tie the knot.

Colour Code for the traditional wedding was sky blue and navy blue. It came out really nice... don't you think so. And of course the ceremony was fantastic. Here are more clips

At the Church: Purple came in looking spectacular!


I made these for the Best Lady:

Father of the Bride looking good and been escorted by Praise singers. We have them at every Yoruba party and when they start with your name and priases who just have to wave some cash in the air....

So what was I doing all through this, See for yourselves;


 Hope you enjoyed the party.....!!!


  1. Beautiful! and the cloth turbans are amazing! how do you fix them?

  2. Beautiful photos :)

  3. Such fantastic colors! Looks like a fun party and a wedding full of love. And style! I love the picture with all the purple ladies - you all look amazing.

  4. girlfriend, u are too much. thanks 4 making me look grand.

  5. Drop in from Malaysia! Wow! This is my first time seeing Yoruba wedding! This is so interesting and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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