Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Creating You Me Blog Hop

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Ausralasia - Jill@Creating my way to success 
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Asia - Janelle@ Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

Meet my guest for today

Durodola Oluwakemi Tinuola

What do you do:

I am what you call a milliner but here we call it Hats making and I run Gosh Hats. I had just recently developed a knack for this and its been quite an adventure. I have a degree in English and I work. This makes it a bit difficult to give this new found love all my attention. But I do it on the side line and its been really fun and great. My mom is also into the millinery business, so you can say that I waltz into it .

Do yo sell your creations, If so, how, and is it profitable?

I sell my creations pretty well and its quite profitable . but you have to be very careful€. you have to strategise by knowing where you want to sell and whom your clients are. Often times, I sell to my friends, colleagues and church members.

What mistakes have you made and lesson learned?

I did not start Hat making early enough and so I felt that I had denied myself some inner expressions when I now make and people around me compliment me for them.  I have learned that it is a good time to be self empowered, skilled and talented. Having the ability to put to good use these skills though is very important. Consistency and timely is another key word I have learned and developed.

What to you is success? Have you reached it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

Success is an everyday venture, you have to keep on striving to be on top. God also crowns our efforts individually. Success is putting a smile on someone face, making them get value for their money no matter how little they pay. Success to me is also boom, you exploding on a neutral level where everyone is happy.
I would confess and say I'm on my way to success but I know that we all succeed everyday one way or another. I haven't gotten my big break yet, but i know I would get their soon god helping me.

What next?

 Next for me is to keep doing what I know how to do best. I hope to be there in the next decade, be a role model, inspire and be inspired. I foresee myself organizing seminars and shows where creativity is cherished.

Thank you so much Adepeju for this avenue of self expression.

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  1. Such beautiful hats! Thanks for introducing us to Durodola!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Her hats are fabulous! Hi to Durodola! I love the name Gosh Hats.

  3. Hey, wow, such a cool lady and I love the hats, a different trade again and a whole world to itself. it's so interesting!


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