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Greetings my beloved blogger and fans out there. It is with a heavy heart that I apologize for my lack of attention and disenchantment to the blogging world. Why? My schedules have been crazy and it has had me hopping from one corner of my zone to the other. This equally has denied me the pleasure of attending to those who had helped make comments on my HAIR CLIPS post. I do promise to make it all up to you folks. Do I sound serious? Oh yes, I have to, because its a matter of seriousness.

Nevertheless, here is this weeks creating success around the world guest. But before that you could also make the tour around the world with me by clicking in the links below and don't forget to link up your blog too 'cos we cannot wait to see what you are up too :)

Ausralasia - Jill@Creating my way to success 
Europe -  Yaga@ The Shiny Bubble

The Americas -Suzy's@ Suzy's Arsty Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle@ Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

Now lets meet OBYA COUTURE by Nana Yaa and she is from Ghana.  I know you would agree with me when I say her work is Fabulous.

In the words of Ohemma from zimbio.com she describes OBYA,
"as a clothing line that has been dubbed as one to watch. OBYA is a beautiful, classy and chic clothing and accessory line for fierce ladies. It’s a combination of African and western style in a twist collection. OBYA gives the impression that African prints and styles can be classy, chic and fun, the brand seeks to bring out the hidden beautiful, classy chic in every lady. OBYA is made up of beautiful accessories and the faith line made up of beautiful well tailored couture. OBYA Couture was established and trademarked in 2010. Inspired by all aspects of fashion and major designers from the early nineties until this present day. OBYA aims to be unique and offers higher end garments at reasonable prices. The collection shown are all made by OBYA at their fashion studio in Ghana so when you buy from OBYA be rest assured you will receive the up most quality. This collection defines bold prints, lots of colour, and most of all one off designs you will not find anyone wearing."

When did you start designing?
I have always had a beautiful passion for fashion,but i actually just had time to take it up last summer

What inspires your creations?
My inspiration comes from the modern fab afrocentric girl and woman between 18-35,who has taste for fashion filled with class,glitz and glamour. My inspiration comes from women who are uniquely different, you could just  tell even the simple things in life she owes are uniquely different

Who do you think the best dressed Ghanaian celebrity is?
emmmmmmm this is quite hard....cause Ghanaian celebrities are quite inconsistent.you don't see them most of the time to keep up.but id say John Jermain is on point...

Where can someone go if they want to get something of yours?
Currently since am in my final semester in uni....i work through orders from my page obyacouture or from home.but my line will be out at belissimas in the accra mall soon.

What next? where do you go from here?
Actually i started with ankara inspired tee tops for my first collection,now I've expanded my line with a new set of glam clutches called ahocf3 dua, coming out soon.its a line filled with fabulousity,am also working on launching my line officially soon.

Find OBYA COUTURE: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Obya-Couture/127315030663054

I sincerely thank Helen from  http://blaquebread.blogspot.com  and
Ohemma from http://www.zimbio.com for this great interview which I am equally bringing to you.
Now lets see what the other guys are up to and don't forget to link up :)

Ausralasia - Jill@Creating my way to success 
Europe -  Yaga@ The Shiny Bubble

The Americas -Suzy's@ Suzy's Arsty Craftsy Sitcom
Asia - Janelle@ Of Pinks and Fairy Tales

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