Friday, 28 October 2011

Pre-Halloween Party

Well, I sure had fun today Downtown in Fayetteville NC. It's was gruelsomely fun to watch a bunch  of people all dressed up for the 'Thriller' by Micheal Jackon.

Here was the sane me going for a cup of coffee...
  I sat down, ordered, got up to leave.... 

Then I met....Hatter and I couldn't resist having a picture of it....Ah! but the pictures didn't turn out as clear as I wanted it, anyway....nice Hatter.

Have fun y'all and have a safe Halloween this coming Monday....


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Little Things.

A lot can be taken for granted in this fast paced schedules we all run. We have to make ends meet. Most often little things around runs fades. The little things that reflects time and season. That indicates to us that everything is but for a short while. I nearly missed all that until this little flowers spoke to me in a language that transcends words. Then I pause and snap at the little ones found in odd places. Their names? I have no clue. But I bask in the glory and experience their tranquility as I move on.....

Have a safe night.... Adepeju

Monday, 17 October 2011

Peek-2-Win Eparty

Hi Winners,

Over the week I came to the conclusion of having an e-party on my Avon Online Shop to celebrate my sixth month of blogging and to thank you with these amazing freebies.

Get either of these lovely Avon gifts when you order for any of the three categories with code PEEK2WIN

Win for any $22.68 order
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Shop all you want and for any $14.58, $22.68, and $36.78 orders you get a gift.
Also, get a free shipping for any $30 order.

Remember to put your code PEEK2WIN at final purchase to get your gift.

This offer is valid between Oct 17 - Nov 5 2011
Happy Winning!
Thanks for being a part of me for the past 6 month

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Ankara Fabric Bow Hairpiece

Hi everyone,

I hope you've got great plans for this beautiful day because the sun is shinning and the weather is cool.
Enjoy this little Bow of mine as a token for the day. Click Here for instructions.

My Shopping Center

Instructions Here

Have a pleasant day.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My ecstatically bored adventure!!!

Hey, here I am enjoyably stuck for the next 9 months in Fayetteville, far away from the things I'm familiar with; my family, food, clothes, cold or the unexpected change in weather around here. 

Everybody I met has being great really but then I couldn't help comparing them from what I have back home. And yes I am from Nigeria, in fact, I am a typical Yoruba babe born and bred in Lagos somewhere in the mainland. For you nosy folks...Mushin Olosha!

Yes! I know! And yes again its true. So you can imagine me coming to America when I'm supposed to be on the lookout for male possibilities in my life and settling down as one of the faithful. But time and tide they say...

Back to my ecstatically bored existence in Fayetteville like I was on to earlier on, I am without a sewing machine and a glue gun and this makes my artistic tendencies float. I must confess that got me depressed. I have being meaning to but one of each but feel rather embarrassed about carrying a sew machine all the way from Murchison. So I'm stuck! 

What am I doing at FSU: teaching Yoruba language to fellow Americans who have a flair of living in the Diaspora or is it just a case of easy grades?! My students really are great and have all picked a Yoruba name for themselves. Isn't that just great! Anyway I'm thinking of floating the idea of we have a dress party wearing the Yoruba attires. Let's hope it all gels with them!
By the way folks, no one seems to be making any comments on the give-away I'm hosting! Ha! Guys help out....
See ya! 

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