Sunday, 2 October 2011

My ecstatically bored adventure!!!

Hey, here I am enjoyably stuck for the next 9 months in Fayetteville, far away from the things I'm familiar with; my family, food, clothes, cold or the unexpected change in weather around here. 

Everybody I met has being great really but then I couldn't help comparing them from what I have back home. And yes I am from Nigeria, in fact, I am a typical Yoruba babe born and bred in Lagos somewhere in the mainland. For you nosy folks...Mushin Olosha!

Yes! I know! And yes again its true. So you can imagine me coming to America when I'm supposed to be on the lookout for male possibilities in my life and settling down as one of the faithful. But time and tide they say...

Back to my ecstatically bored existence in Fayetteville like I was on to earlier on, I am without a sewing machine and a glue gun and this makes my artistic tendencies float. I must confess that got me depressed. I have being meaning to but one of each but feel rather embarrassed about carrying a sew machine all the way from Murchison. So I'm stuck! 

What am I doing at FSU: teaching Yoruba language to fellow Americans who have a flair of living in the Diaspora or is it just a case of easy grades?! My students really are great and have all picked a Yoruba name for themselves. Isn't that just great! Anyway I'm thinking of floating the idea of we have a dress party wearing the Yoruba attires. Let's hope it all gels with them!
By the way folks, no one seems to be making any comments on the give-away I'm hosting! Ha! Guys help out....
See ya! 


  1. Awe you are home sick. :( It will get better. Its nice to know you are here in the states! Where is Fayetteville? Sounds really familiar.

  2. Olushola-Excel Oyadiji17 October 2011 at 15:26

    Wow! Anyway...who knows what life may blow ur way. Stay open, lightening may strike- white males are cool, as I heard **wink**


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