Friday, 29 July 2011


Are you all dressed up tight in jeans all belted up with that lovely top you specially bought for that visit or to wow your friends and foes alike? Only for you to step out of the house, get to your bus stop and drop your purse or something that requires you having to bend a little to pick it up and voila your belt gives up on you and you have a divided Jordan to contend with?!

Well it did happen to a lovely friend of mine

and you know what, she or whomever such happens to can only go back and pick up another belt even when you are late for an appointment.

What then happens to the damaged belt? Should she or you give up on it and throw away? Well my beautiful friend Amara did just that. Coming over to my house and asking that I give it to the trash. Just as I was about to an idea struck me that since the buckle was all gold plated and still looking all very new, I could re-construct it into a bracelet and boy! did it come out looking great?! Well see for ya self...;)

The HelpReconstructing a damaged belts into a bracelet is about the easiest thing to do. Mine is a little chipped while punching but  I know you can do it  even better.

So let's go for a ride :


Damaged Belt
Tape Measure
Eyelet Punch
Your Wrist ;)

Instruction on making this

OH! that scratch :(
Measure your wrist and cut out the length of it from the belt. Then you take an eyelet punch and punch in a hole where it would fit into.
Well, that all there is to it. Quite easy to make and you don't have to throw away that belt.

 Do have a swell time reconstructing your belts into something cool.
See you all some time soon.
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