Saturday, 9 April 2011

How To : Paper Ribbon Roses

To make this

You will need
Floral Wires (desired length)
Paper Ribbon (pink and blue)

Step One:
Cut 10" of ribbon, 6" of floral wire or any substitute you may want to try out

Step Two:
Using your white glue, glue the tip of the ribbon to the wire. Make sure that the wire is in your left hand and the ribbon in your right hand while you glue to each other.

Step Three:
Roll the ribbon around your wire three times to form the base. Then, make a right angle bend with the ribbon on the wire. Turn around the wire once more and make another right angle bend and turn around once again.

Step Four:
Continue to do this until all the ribbon is finished. Then you twist the excess around the wire and glue it down to the wire.

Step Six:
Using your ribbon still, tear out little long stripes with your hands. Pick one of the stripes and wind around the wire from the base of the rose stem down to the end of the wire and then glue it down once more.
And that's it, you have a paper ribbon rose.

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