Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Stoned Bracelet

I was sewing a dress for a friend and  had to attach these acrylic  stones to it, it occurred to me that I could equally  use it to make a bracelet for myself and others too. So, I gathered some jump-rings from my store can and linked it all together. Didn't  use much of the stones seeing that I've got a small wrist. It looked lovely but seemed something was still missing when I finished assembling it so I decided to add a few charms and this gave it attitude.
  You can wear it on any dress and for any occasions since it comes in various colours.

Acrylic Stones
Jump rings
Charms/ Beads

Step 1:
Measure your wrist to get an appropriate let for your bracelet.

Step 2:
Using your pliers open a jump ring and insert into the hole of the acrylic stone. Take another stone and put into the jump-ring, make sure that the flat side of the stone face each other.

Step 3:
Continue this until you get the length you want. Attach the clasps to each end of your linked  stones with jump-rings.

Step 4:
Finally, you can add as many charms as want to suit your style.


  1. That bracelet is gorgeous! I am now following your blog and can't wait to see more of your creations!


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