Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Omo Yoruba Crew

Its been a while. Yeah, I know! Really I apologise to my readers. Its just that I seem to have misplaced the motivation to blog and I suppose it really got me in a mood. But, I am out of that now and can certainly write about something that brought smiles to my face today and I believe to my Yoruba crew too.

To my Yoruba Crew I say Bawo ni o!

So I finally summon the nerve to ask them for a picture and they all agreed and I must confess they all look real cool, fun, lovely, pretty and handsome. I am happy to be a part of them and I hope we all build a long and lasting friendship.

Now I suppose everyone is wondering who the Yoruba crew members are....well they happen to be my students in my Yoruba class at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. They are the best because they have a passion to learn. Even when they know that Yoruba is a foreign language and might not be the best thing they want to be doing at that time early in the mornings. But its been fun and I hope they share my views.

Now to what they look like.....
 Ayodele, Abike, Folake, Eniwa, AdePeju, Oluseyi, Ebunolu, Adeola Folashade, Bolarin, and Ayoolu
 Now, I know the names sound different for an average American but we all have Yoruba names that we go by.

 What do you think.....ah ah! You share my thought exactly...we all look good!
Thank you!

I could not resist adding these last too pictures.   :)


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