Thursday, 3 May 2012

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Most times adults while sipping a glass of lemonade wonder if things would have been a little less difficult, a little more comfortable or simply just better if they had listened to their mothers and obeyed the rules in the house. I am a member of the club too! breaking the rules seems to be a favorite hobby of mine.  You Have No Idea is a perfect book for such reflections. I remember growing up and wishing I would one day become a Vanessa Williams in my own corner of the world. Little did I know what the price of stardom could be. Reading the book gives you the feeling you are actually watching a movie like Pride and Prejudice. The fluidity of language is compelling. The arrangement of plot is addictive-all these come together to make it a larger than life book to read. You simply get the popcorn and soda effect.

You HAve No Idea is more than a book. Its a guide. Tips from mother to daughter and daughter to mother. Reflections on 'Ifs', 'Whys' and 'How'. Reflections on how the experience in a person life can help build and shape one for future challenges. Reflections on how disobedience could almost ruin a lifelong work. Reflections on disaster management skills. Reflections on the essence of having a good family background and love. The bound of love between parents and their children is simply magnetic.  Reading it once does not do justice to it. You simply have to reread it. Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams bares it all for the public to read, identify with and learn. 

This wholesome and soulful book is all about tipping you on how to be a better you. You simply leave with a feeling that you have just acquired the perfect recipe for baking your daughters favorites cupcakes. You really have no idea about Vanessa Williams until you read You Have No Idea.

Happy reading. Bon chance!


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