Sunday, 8 May 2011

All Framed Up!

A happy Sunday everyone!

Just after making the Shimmered brooch, something caught my attention… a wall clock gone bad which I had been keeping for quite a while without an idea of what to do with it and why I keep it.  then just by putting the brooch on a corner of the clock  gave me the idea of turning the clock into a picture frame.

Oh! I totally forgot to set the date and timing on my camera!  :)

                                Before                                                             After

So to make this you will need:
A clock gone bad
Stick- glue 
Cardboard paper
A picture

Step 1:
Deconstruct the clock by removing the glass off it with your screw driver and the ticking hands .

Step 2:
Cut the cardboard or paper to fit the size of the glass and using your stick glue, cover the numbering up.
After this pick up any of your favourite picture and glue it on the cardboard. Remember to position it right on the cardboard for it to look right. Now cover it  up with the glass and screw back in place.

Step 3:
Glam up the framed picture with flowers. I used my shimmered brooch and other fabric flowers I had made in times past.

Step 5:
I love butterflies and decided to add one to my frame.

I do hope you would enjoy doing this on your own as much as I did.
Happy Sunday and God’s blessing in this new week.
Happy blogging!

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