Sunday, 15 May 2011

Scarf Amour

How To: Scarf Tying

Ah! Today is going to be filled with lots of fun! Here in Nigeria we are a lover of scarves and I must confess I'm an addict. They just look so good and create this special effect when you have them on. The wonders of scarves! So I decided to do a scarf  tutorial today. I needed to use a doll so that I can easily show you the steps, not only this I jazzed it up with various colours of flowers for different effects and moods....Enjoy this as I'm sure you will!

Here we go.......

You will need your:

Scarf of any colour
Brooch pin/ safety pin
Flowers to jazz
 and of course your Head :)


Fold your scarf into two equal halves and place over your head just like this...

Step 2:
Arrange the scarf in such a way that the right hand of the scarf is 3/4 longer than that of the left hand; this way you have a little end of the scarf on your left hand side than on the other.

Step 3:
Now take both ends to the back and cross over, that is, left over right...and right over left.

Step 4:

Twist the long end of the scarf on your left hand and wrap around your head to the back to meet the other scarf end on your right and gently tie so that it sits well on your head. Remember that the scarf is to cover both ears for that look.
I asked my little friendly neighbour to assist in hold the scarf down as it went all slippery on the doll.

Step 4:

Twist the loose ends still and gently but firmly tuck them over each other to make it look like...

Then bring over the other loose ends and tuck over the first one still in the same direction.

So you have what looks like this at the back

 and  this at the front...

Now for the fun part! Jazz it up with flowers. Simply glue a brooch pin or safety pin to the stem of the flower and attach to where we tucked in our loosed scarf ends for that perfect touch.

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope you go back and try this! Have a swell time.

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