Sunday, 29 May 2011


Recently I went for a traditional wedding and in it the bride was all beautifully attired in Iro and Buba ( wrapper and blouse) which is the customary thing to wear....I couldn't get the pictures :( .
So I've decided to replicate it for you to see what I would potentially look like during mine and what several other Yoruba women (that's my tribe by the way) have looked like or will one day look like during thiers.
The beauty of this is that this combo style can be used for several occasions depending on the dexterity and persona of the lady. So ladies here we go.... 


To make this, you will nee:
a doll, glue gun, fabric glue, tape measure, some fabric and a shearing scissors.

 Now, you will need to measure the shoulders of your doll to make the Buba (blouse). After this you cut out your fabric. This doll here shoulders is 2" but I added 2" extra for stitch allowance and ease. Note the Buba measurement is meant to be a little more than the shoulder so that's why I made mine 3".
Now you will have to fold your buba fabric into 4 and cut out your neck region in circular motion just like this...

 So you will have something like this...
the two extra piece you see right there is for the sleeves.
Now what you have to do is glue the fabric pieces into place.
Just like this.... then you flip the sleeves over and ...put some more glue on the right side of the buba to get the sleeves into place...

Gently turn the glued buba inside have something like this

To make the Iro (wrap around skirt but tied into place at the back)...cut out a
10" by 13.5" fabric using your zig-zag scissors, 
3" by 7" for the head gear and
3" by 9" for the flip over shawl


Next thing is to tie the Iro (wrap) around our doll... to do this, first open wide the doll's leg and place her on the Iro fabric
wrap around and flip the doll backward and tie at the back to keep in place

To finish off, tie the head gear and put the Ipele (shawl) over the shoulder.

Ok! just so you know heres what it really looks like ....
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