Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Persistent Desire

For a while I have been out of tune with my self and every desire I had for my dream seemed to have dissipated. It is worthy to say that the lack of drive for any accomplishment did not bother me for a long while. I knew it was there. I recognize that the spirit of limbo hung all around me. The will power to do any thing about it howsoever was not to be  found. God has not given unto me the spirit of fear, that I am so sure of. Just  this afternoon while reading Think Rich, Grow Rich it all came tumbling back to me what the problem was. I have put myself into a state of impossibilities. I have conditioned my mind that there were no ways of me accomplishing my dream in a new terrain. Lo and behold, I have lied to myself  for months and reduced the creative power in me for great works. Desire is a strong thing to hold unto even in the face of impossibility. the constant renewal of the mind in the fact that it is possible is a must sought out task for me.It may not happen today but with faith, persistence and working toward the goal- it is bound to manifest. 

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