Sunday, 22 April 2012


Bawo ni,

It all seemed like yesterday when I came into the US. How time flies. I sometimes wonder what it is exactly I have been able to achieve. I also wonder at times if the primary objective of coming to the US -Fayetteville State University, North Carolina was actually achieved. Well, during the Farewell ceremony organized by the Internationl Studies Centre in FSU, I realized that it was worth it. My purpose was fulfilled and Yes I have imparted my culture to students of Fayetteville State University. I am the better for it. My Yoruba Class experience was awesome and my 14 students have done a terrific job learning a new language. I am so proud of them all. I have a strong feeling that this is not the end of the journey for me here in the US, but for now I have to take a bow and hope that the relationship I have with my students last forever.

Here is one of my favorite picture with two of my students: Ayoolu and Bolarin looking very lovely in their outfit.

Fayetteville State University Yoruba Students and teacher
 O dabo!

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