Thursday, 16 April 2015


Oftentimes in my country, I see young adults and adults alike delve into a new world of creativity. Creativity to me suggests all forms of entrepreneurship skills we think we need for survival either fueled by passion or necessity. My parents gave birth to me with the intention of seeing me grow up becoming a successful woman. Along the line I discovered my flare for dipping my hands into anything that has to do with beauty. At that age of 8, I have discovered my passion and creative space. All I needed to do was be educated and find a way to merge my professional life and my creative space together within the space provided by my country. 

Oftentimes again, I see many creative beings not knowing what to do with all the talent bubbling inside of them. Oftentimes too, I see a lot of graduate looking for ways to earn a living adopt a creative space and become successful even more so than the creatively spatial person. My point here is- how to develop passion out of your entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship to me implies individuals who take up sewing, cobblers, beading, manufacturing, repackaging, events planning, and other service providers, etc. 

Developing a passion for what gives you money goes beyond servicing a need and being paid for the 'passioned' service. Passion to me for a service I render starts with my ability to share with others freely my knowledge without expecting anything in return. At this point, I ask myself, Why Should I Share My Knowledge About An Idea or Skill with Anyone? Simple- TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN, MUCH IS EXPECTED. 

WHY THEN DO I DO THE THINGS I DO CREATIVELY? Let me be sincere to myself, most of my developing knowledge about the things I dabble into are made possible through research. Research here is my ability to surf the Internet and see what others are doing which I am into and updating my knowledge for free without paying anyone a kobo. Research also includes all the free YouTube videos I downloaded, all the Pinterest pictures I saved on my phones and IPad, all the pictures I screen grabbed on Instagram, all the groups I joined for free on Facebook and not forgetting the worldwide information I get through Google. To therefore do the things which I do creatively, I must make my creativity public. 

I have discovered that those who share ideas for free eventually become an authority within their creative space, gain respect from everyone including colleagues who hoard information.So I have decided that I would rather gain repect with long lasting popularity by sharing with others what I know than remain a reservoir of unused memories. 

Therefore fellow Creative beings, let's learn to share freely our knowledge wherever we see it would be useful because through this we are all able to do the things we do creatively. 

Keep Sharing, 

God Bless us all. 

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